Thursday, April 25, 2013

Amsyar Ihdzar turns 2

Amsyar will turn 2 years this Saturday.Yeyy... Innitially i plan to throw a simple birthday party for him. But because of super duper crazy life mummy gone thru right now, i dont think so i can manage. HUhhhh...sorry son. But mummy promise that at least there will be a cake and a birthday song to you.


The happiest moment in mummy's life was the first time u look at me after u born and i know u will have a special place in my heart. i am so proud to have you in my life though mummy's life is so bumpy and not smooth sailing. I m sorry if sometime mummy like loosing my temper and you are the one that mummy would blame.. Mummy know that i m not a good mum and far from perfect but mummy is trying very hard son.

Thank you for being such wonderful son although most of the time u r beyod my control but mummy know that you grow very well. Mummy pray that u will be a anak yang soleh, penyejuk hati mummy and abah, berjaya dunia dan akhirat, moga dapat mendoakan mummy bila mummy tiada kelak. InsyaAllah. Mummy love u very much son like nothing else in this world. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Amsyar Ihdzar Bin Bikhairin Ihdzar.