Friday, April 13, 2012


i' m planning something for my baby boy...yeahhh Amsyar is going to be 1 yr soon. But he still and forever will be my baby. So many ideas and design in my head now but since it is last minute plan then very difficult for me to execute it. So sad...

Last minute, because before this i dont want to celebrate but...i think i need to la. At least a small party for my son. However on the day he turn 1, i will be away...huhuhuhu *sob*sob*sob* i need to attend conference for 4days hokey...#berkhidmat untuk negara# that is the reason too.

It is not going to be a big party k...Only for dearest and nearest -no heart feeling yaa... it really-really going to be a small party with a theme : SMURF is not easy hokey. Last minute means DIY from A-Z...we see how it is going to be.

InsyaAllah we will invite more guests next year. Saborrr jela

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