Friday, April 27, 2012

Amsyar turn 1 today

Amsyr Ihdzar turned one today. Sadly my cant hug u now  because mummy is away in perak...promise will hug n kiss u once mmmy back home soon. Only Allah knows how it feel right

My doa' is that u will be a healthy active clever boy... good son to us ,the one that bring the joy and happiness to mummy and abah...a good muslim and may Allah protect u alway because you r very precious to me and Abah.

i'M sorry if i cannot be a good mother to you. but hope u know and understand that im trying and learning very best to be the one for you and mummy know that you are a good son and will be my pride.mummy had been tested by Allah  from day one mummy carrying you untill the day u came out...but mummy worth it boy.  syukur Alhamdulillah,,,,finally on 27th April 2011 you was safely born @6.15 pm by way of ceaserian....

mummy love you so much boy and mummy thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to have you in this world and im bless with the gift...thank you Allah. Amsyar,mummy sayang u a lot.if u ever read this in future...mummy just want you to be anak yang soleh.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Sunway Medical Centre

Jumaat yang hening. 20/4/2012....again,abah masuk hosp.untuk sekian kali. kali ini di i shld be with him la.doakan agar semuanya baik-baik belaka and abah dalam keadaan baik.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Party Planner

Owhhh totally not me hokey. Harap jer bufday anak. Untuk orang lain tak tentu mak akan segigih ini. Amsyar Ihdzar sila kenang jasa ibu mu ini. Kenang kan jer mummy akan bpuas hati :)Untuk mencapai tema yang dipilih, setakat ini mummy dah turun naik 4 buah mall hokey. Gigih tak mummy. Seingat mummy, mummy gigih macam ni waktu nak prepare wedding mummy 4 tahun lpas jooo tawww.

Alhamdulillah, party pack dah settle. Cakes and some of sweet treats dah settle. balloon dah. Iyolah yang benda-benda nk menempah udoh settle. Part kerja abah nak design2, tagging, print2 still in progress. Bare in mind i l be away next week. Camno tuh...kerja kraf perlukan masa kannn..xpea2 positive2! kahkahkahkah...di mana ada kemahuan di situ ado jalan. yiiihaaaa...

Tapikan....dalam i duk excited nk sambut Bdaf for my boy ni, deep inside sgt risau bout my dad. He's coming for a treatment...hope everything will be ok after his treatment. His condition right now not really good, the vascular vibration (for dialysis patient) getting slow it is not a good sign. hemmmm Ya Allah engkau permudahkanlah segalanya. So the party also subject to his condition gak. Hope he will be ok after the check up. Aminn

Okeh balik semula excited cerita bday Amsyar. sekarang yg still status undone adalah t-shirt printing, gift for adults, invitation, main dishes, tables and chairs and decoration. Ini kena buat last minit buat sendiri lak tueeee. Owh pengsannn....jangan lagi jangan lagi.

Guests pun tak finalize and short list lagi.... bpinar mata. kejap 40 pax kejap 30 pax...adoiiiyaiii feninggg ok. Again yang tak dijemput minta maaf banyak2...nanti mak janji bila mak panjang umur murah rezeki, ado masa mak buat besar2ran gitewww mak jempot satu taman tawww...yang ini punya my, jiran pun mak tak mampu nak jemput.. sshsssshssshhh terukkan. Maaf sangat2.

Harap nanti semua bjalan lancar seperti yang dirancang hendaknya Aminnn...

Friday, April 13, 2012


i' m planning something for my baby boy...yeahhh Amsyar is going to be 1 yr soon. But he still and forever will be my baby. So many ideas and design in my head now but since it is last minute plan then very difficult for me to execute it. So sad...

Last minute, because before this i dont want to celebrate but...i think i need to la. At least a small party for my son. However on the day he turn 1, i will be away...huhuhuhu *sob*sob*sob* i need to attend conference for 4days hokey...#berkhidmat untuk negara# that is the reason too.

It is not going to be a big party k...Only for dearest and nearest -no heart feeling yaa... it really-really going to be a small party with a theme : SMURF is not easy hokey. Last minute means DIY from A-Z...we see how it is going to be.

InsyaAllah we will invite more guests next year. Saborrr jela