Friday, November 25, 2011


apparently i m following few blogs tho i m not listed in my blogs here. my b i just prefer to be silent reader. lately readings their entries could breaks my heart....not to. envy them but mostly they inspired me to look elegent and sophisticated. however recently i feel so sad because i start to compare their life with my life is not like im not bersyukur or what, i try to motivate myself but i know i could never be like them. the saddest part is that i cant simply quit my job n be fultime housewife. giving entire focus to the kid n family...the reason is, i dont have money and my husband cant support me. pls dont judge me that i m demanding or complaining on my husband.i love him for nothing...i love him when he had nothing and will love hm even he has nothing...those who say that i m high mantainence type , excuse me pls i pay my needs on my own cost...apa ko kesah!!!

odnt know why do i feel this way, it really broke my heart to see how elegent they could be without an y stress. who said that being a house wife you will be outdated and antisocial.. i believe the husband must be load right.if not how can they be branded maniac and jobless....owh if im like them i must be in heaven.tapi xapa,selagi kudrat ada l will work because rezeki itu datang dari Allah dan i syukuri nikmat dan pengalamab yabg Allah berikan. moga suatu hari nantiAllah akan murahkan rezeki kami,AMeen

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