Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Am i...?

Am i a bad wife? Yesterday was my Hubby's BD. Tapikan..on the midnite i bleh tertido and only woke up @1230 to wish him with blurry face and eyes....Teruk kan. There was no cake, no card no celebration. Double teruk rite.

The reasons it tht a day before i went to Ikea and only came back at 11pm so i got no time and energy left out-like betul2 terbongkang. However I should stopped nearby and find somtin for him rite. At least a card. bukan susah sangat pun the curve depan tu jer and ikano is just beside Ikea kannn. Donno y but i really cant think straight that nite. Rasa teruk gila.... i know B wont take it seriously because he is not a type yang u ner celebrate and setup a BD party for him, he prefer to celebrate at home and only us.

But,the wife was so bengap mentega...i cant accept how i react to this....I donno whether i took it for granted or what but to be honest my brain n physical really tired tht nite. Yaa,, it might be just another excuses from me and i blaming myself for this. To make it worse, the BD Boy who deserved to receive a gift came back home with surprises for the wife. I'm touched by him. All this while he was busy compiling our engagement pics, akad nikah pics sanding pics and receptions pics. Huhuuuhu...and i left with nothing to suprise him on his BD.

He never complaint this but i really feel i am a bad companion. I know i still can celebrate this weekend but of course it is belated already. i m goin to regret this for a whole year. B if u eva read this, i am so sorry and hope u understand. i m not goin to blame my pregnancy hormone and i will take the blame. i sayang u tawww!!!!

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  1. Ibu mithali la. I blame on the pregnancy hormone, sbb baby boy kan hormone jadik cam baby boy la..penat maka kene tido terbongkang dan terlupe gift utk special occassion. ngee!! Hormone tu..hehehehe