Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby Stuff

Alhamdulillah i'm in my 25 weeks now. 1st trimester was super challenging for me ,somehow Allah made it easier for us. The baby is now happily kicking my tummy whenever the baby wish to do so-at the baby own pleasure. I m happy to feel it because at least i know my baby is ok. But sometimes people will see my uneasy reflex because im surprise with the activation.

i m quite worried actually, because i will reach 7 months pregnant in a few weeks time but i havent bought a single thing for the baby yet. Yes, not even a thing. Hahahah...should i be panic now? No need rite. Cool MAMA. heheheheeecool sangat!!! But one of my friend did tell me that by reaching 7 months pregnant you can actually delivered at anytime. OHHH Noooo....!i can find the truth in the statement-However i m trying and controlling myself not to be over excited due to some reasons that is y we are very slow and snail.

Another reason is that we dont know where to start- what to shop-what is the most essential needs for the baby. Lain lak dari shopping barang kahwin dulu ek. may be because shopping barang kahwin i know what i want, but for the baby i cant read the feelings and the needs yet. However i believe every single parents always want the best for the kid and that is how i will be guided. I managed to browes few web on 'newborn checklist' and it's very helpful to us. Some site that i find useful for us are like and mothercare. i will start from list lah.

I believe i will be on track soon with the useful website and not to forget with the golden advise from friends and family too. First hand experience by them are valuable rite. Therefore i wish there will be more time for me to find the baby stuff, more sales out there and nice and cute stuff for us AND more money for us to spend more energy to walk and being healthy. lalalalalala....


  1. ada few things yang perlu dan tak perlu sebab kemudian nanti boleh beli atau orang akan beri... hihihihi...

  2. Ko nak belikan aku breast pump kan? Avent UNO xpo doh. terima kasih dd.muahahaha