Friday, June 18, 2010

I m waiting for this...Weekend

What happen to me today? The worst eva..i lost all my documents saved in thumbdrive after pointed into my ofice's CPU....i've lost ALL documents..i repeat,,, ALL ok! i dont have any backed up for the files...i just shifted, so definitely i transferred all da doc into the t/drive..i am really pissed off. I cried all along 4 am in the morning...thinking and questioning whether this is a curse...@6am when i wanted to iron my working cloth,,,i burned just half scale temp...but still burned out my cloth. I am suprised...i think Allah really want to test me.

Then, while driving just at a corner of my house there was a car came out suddenly from a junction without stopping causing an emergency break on my part. All my stuffs fall and scattered...huhhh. And when i was in the ofice, i ws panicking like a cockroach...(let imagine) doing a case which non of my frens eva did...hahahaa. I ve tried my best.Hope God are with me.

After series of bad luck,,,tomorrow is weekend yeayeayea...which i 'm looking forward with. Apart of my bizziness dis weekend i still need to attend my frend's wedding tomorrow...hope i still can fit in da baju.hahhh...i m so tired, seriusly,,,


  1. really need shopping as therapy my dear! fitrah is not around... wif my parents... sobsobsob!!!!!!!!!

  2. At least window shopping kan...Hold on Lina, i m sure Fitrah also waiting for u!But concentrate on the xm.