Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bye....i will miss u all

Today is da last day...very bz preparing itu ini. I've tried very best to finish everything before i leave, but still there was some undone things tht i unable to settle.Tiring and out of gas!

Somehow, suprisingly da boss was very nice to me!mcm bermimpi...in fact she offered me to be there. Unbelievable,,,,ternganga...coz there still a vacancy, But i refused the offer coz new office will be nearer to my house. Although i heard many uneasy things @ newplace.... i m glad to be there for some reasons, i wont neglect the opportunity.

Frenz....i m definitely goin to mis them...especially the "lunch geng", the gossip that we shared, the pressure that we faced and the joy that we had will last long. Owhhh really gonna mis u guys!Good Luck for the meeting tomorrow.

When leaving the office, im almost crying..hahaha ntah pape, beremosi lak,,,bukan apa, i really feel something there. Something that i cant describe it into words...nak tau cuba la duduk di sana...dan rasakan sendiri,,,hahaha....tapi tak nanges pun,,,ala normal la dlm service nie, i sape kan...but i terhidu seswatu....heheheheheee...okla i tak marah.... I clock out @5.37 tadi- that is it, 2 yrs 11 months serving in KL.

Tomorrow me @ new place....ketarrrrr


  1. call me...hahahhahahahaaaaaaaa

  2. Definitely will miss u lin!
    Gonna miss u & ur perdana.
    Lepas ni takde da perdana nk amik aku time lunch depan lobby...
    Best of luck and update blog selal ok.
    If u need help just call/sms k, will attend asap:>

  3. lin... sedihnya!!! i am not around when u left the office... wateva it is i pray for your best... insyaallah.

  4. dd: mmg aku akn call ko, SOS...sok aku ado 2 file bicara.skrg migrain....

    KB & Lina:hope to work under one roof again...i mis our precious lunch n gossiping moment...today im having lunch @bilik alone

  5. KB: I tink u need to find new perdana "cermin gelap" yea-so that ppl dont know u are inside...heheheee

  6. hahahaha:) goood one!! Pas perut da kempis aku cr substitute with tinted glass.