Sunday, February 21, 2010

Heavenly over indulged myself

4 days vacation in my lovely hometown was just ain't enough. Lovely food-lovely people-lovely stuff were just around the corner...owhhh owesome! My way back to Klate i listed down my fav food and i got it all....wonderful and fully satisfied with the authentic taste of kelantanesse.

On tuesday :

Bfast- Nasi berlauk K.Kerian (lauk ikan)
Lunch-Nasi Bryani Aiyman
Dinner-Mee goreng corner PCB

On wednesday :

Bfast- Nasi berlauk Kak Wok
Lunch - Nasi Chetti Meena kari
Dinner- Laksey PC

On Thursday :

Bfast-Nasi Dagang
Lunch-Kenduri Aqiqah (gulai kambing)
Dinner- Lauk kenduri tengah hari

On Friday :

Bfast- Nasi Dagang (Pasar tani)
- Kebab uddin (the size is getting smaller)
Lunch-Nasi Dagang (yes again! Tumpat punya lagi best!)
-Pulut mangga
-laksa penang
Dinner-Nasi kukus Jaimah (ni my hubby yg teringin)

Other then this my mum bought me young mango and a fruit known as buah gemeyeee...hummm i dont know what is the commercial name of this fruit but these two kind of fruit really can naturalize my uneasy after tasted bud.

On Saturday:
Bye...bye klate...huhuhuhuuu

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