Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sadness Surrounded

Many things happened in the end of 2009 and 2010 opening.
So far i only received bad news...dead, illness and latest i was informed by my bro last nite that my 40's age uncle is now struggling in comma. I was told that he is having fever for almost 1 month and was dignosed suffering cronic hapetitis.....nothing can be done anymore...he is now in ICU...all the siblings includings my mum are next to him and praying for some miracle to happen.

Owh....this is the hardest moment of course! Cant remember when is the last time i meet him. Must be very long time ago. I sent my doa thru my prayers...hoping Allah to ease his pain.

He is such a unique man. Although he is sometimes mentally unstable- antisocial and in his own world but he never hurts anybody feelings. All he knew is that to perform solat 5 times daily without fail, less talking and hates people who do backbiting!

If anything happen to him i know that Allah have special place for him. He is my mum's youngest brother and my mum dependent. Although he is jobless he still dress up nicely and be clean everytime he wants to perform jamaah prayer in the mosque. He just like a white cloth. So Pure and sincere.

May Allah listen to our prayer to safe our beloved uncle and wish he can recover soon. Because it is very hard to let go someone we love and care.....

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