Monday, December 7, 2009

Pls pray for my dad...

He is in hospital now. Undergoing for few check up...all my siblings in hometown now - with my dad> except me! I inadvertently did not take leave. hoping and praying everything going to be ok. Today's check up Alhamdullilah he managed to go through it. Doctor discovered kidney failure. Something expected-he suffered this for ages and now it worsen.

Tomorrow he has to go for another check up and hope that is the last. Readers pls pray for my dad! I love him very much perhaps i m crying while typing this. Dont know how to discribe but he is the best father ever! He thinks a lot for us and do so much things to us. Without him i wont be what i am now and he is truly my inspirations and the backbone to my success.

He is getting older now and i m away from him. It is very hard to think about this and to accept this. I m the youngest in the family and always will be daddy's little daughter eventhough im married. Time passed by.... and we did not even realized how much time we wasted for neglecting our parents....

I m blaming myself because i m now rarely go back and everytime i went back home i usually very busy going here and there. Now there are less words between us. Dont know when the gaps come in......owhhh...i should sit beside him and at least massage him or talk with him. But honestly, i dont want to treat him like that!... i still want him to be my strong dad..the one who is very firm in his decision....protective, smart and stubborn....Owh....he is an old man now-that is the reality which i should learn to accept!

I think i l better go back!


  1. balik nik. my prayer untuk abah...moga dia cepat sembuh..

  2. hi dear. dunno whether u read it or not but i think u should be by his side at dis moment, or else u cant concentrate on ur work if ur mind is not here. anyway, semoga ur dad cepat sembuh. my prayers be with him dear.