Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Beyonce's concert postponed?
Pls tell me this is just a rumour. Eventhough im not a big fan of Beyonce but i've bought the ticket and sacrificed lots of invitation and social gathering that particular nite. Not to mention that i have cancelled my cuti-cuti Malaysia because of this concert. Haaaaiyaaaa!

There are yet any official annoucement on the cancellation. I am hoping that the show will go on and if not-*pls refund my money RM307 cash hokeyyyy!!!. I dont know why the concert postponed/cancelled- but i guess because of strict requirement and fusty rule that Beyonce has to wear something decent and proper at her concert in Malaysia.....daaaa she is not even a muslim that requires her to cover aurah or what. Haiyaaaa....pls dont misjudge my statement.

Why must impose that regulation to the outsider? why dont imposed it to the local???Put a regulation saying that those who want to watch the concert must not wear tube top, showing cleavage, hot pant etc. If i m Beyonce i pun tak heran nk datang ke Malaysia if peraturan merepek macam ni.

Trust me, those who come to watch the concert are intolerable sexier then the performer. Like what happened when Pussycat Dolls came to Malaysia few years back! Huhhh...it was hot bebb!the venue was @ Sunway lagoon so the people dress up like watching concert in hawaii. It is ashamed when u ask your guest to dress up nicely-covering everything but even your own daughter wearing sexy cloth. daaaaa.....

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