Friday, August 21, 2009

Makan makan menjelang ramadhan

Semalam gath d Strawberri park cafe sempena dengan makan makan menjelang ramadhan. TQ to the organizer-Afifi a.k.a groom to be. It was successful gath and turned out to be 20 of us. great afford dude! It is not only Makan-makan menjelang ramadhan but also jemputan beramai2 ke majlis perkahwinan antara our best fren Nik Afifi and Naz Yuliati (With God will they are going to married this raya- Congrats to the couple made from heaven :)) lucky Afifi no need for you to wait Naz for ages kannnn. So guy's welcome to the club i.e Maherian's affair!

We bumped into a friend of ... ????ermmm she wasn't my fren-suddenly shouting at us that my husband was her ex!!!!helooo....behave yourself plzzz!how can she reacted like that while her husband was in another table and im sure that her husband heard her scream-like the one being possesed.

She's never change!Yaa....some people were born to be flirt!hummm she's did not stopped there-before she leaves she left her contact number and address right in front of my husband-i lost control and now my time to over react-i asked her to whom she left the add to b or other and she replied-it is for us and others...wowowoooo nobody bother bout you k so excuse me tepi sikit kertas tue...semakla atas meja nie! surey jo berminat kot kikikkiiiii....

Yes im angry so whatttt!?turn off betul-after she left baru im fine and rasional. I memang dari dulu gini kan Biy?..harap u faham-i cukup tak suka orang flirt dengan u!harap maklum. For me it is stupid joke!

Nota kaki:

sudah seminggu saya sakit kepala...panadol memang menjadi teman rapat saya sekarang. Apa masalah saya yea?dan saya sudah berminggu-minggu tidak semangat bekerja dan bila di ofis kepala saya sangat sakitttt.


  1. woh, found ur blog bila skodeng nama mek naz. blogger gak kawan aku sorang nih.

    haha.. lets link-up. . aku dah letak ur link at my page. sile lah lawat. sori blog serabot

  2. ala baru pun tak update sangat..

  3. hahahaha selok ko'o nk ssuko ooops sori terckp german pulak hehehe
    btw..citer nih plg best,the best ever!ingat sapa bilo2 lah tragedi strobewi park!ahaks