Monday, August 10, 2009

First Cupcakes

Last weken akhirnya berjaya membuat brownies cupcakes...


Nik Karthini : manis sangat la lyn!
Nik Farah Yasmeen : manisla ciksu
Nik Amyrah Syarinie: Ok, brownies mmg ner manis
Nik Aliyya Elistina : Besttttt
Bikhairin Ihdzar: Sedapppp

So of course my hubby punya comment will take into considerationkan.Knowing my hubby he is a sweet tooth person- He managed to finish one large can of condensed milk a week alone ok! However the cupcakes were unintentionally a bit sweet actually.

Let's have a look at the year one creative cupcakes..hihihihiiii first trial-ok whatttt! And insufficient icing frosting- xreti nk budget laaa.

My hubby request for oren cc lak...and i wanna try vanila cc sama buttercream frosting lak.

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