Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clamping Zone

What a bad day, im late 5min to the office due to rainy day and i almost bumped into a motorbike because he was at grey area when i wanted to change lane at the highway. Anyway i admitted to the mistake. Thank God, You saved my husband's car.

Lunch time, we went to Plaza Damas because KB craving for Bagel. We had problem in finding carpark eventhough we arrived quite early. After searching for about 15mins i decided to park illegally. I parked just beside a signage "Clamping Zone Denda RM50". I got some instinct but i just ignore it because i really hungry and parking full whattttT! We had our lunch at Penang Village and also tapau Bagel coz KB successfully seduce me. It is really good beb. The Bagel shop just beside Coffee Beans Shop @ Plaza Damas. We go for plain Bagel and luxurious creemcheese filling.

At 2.00pm we go back to the car and to my suprise...the green savvy had been clamped by the authority. huwaaaaaaa....baru nk nyesal skrg keyyy. The smart Azali told me that we parked just under the CCTV...and beside the signage...Kenapa sekarang baru cakapppp???Y???,,,definitely my fault la because i have seen the signage and do not bother about that.

Azali called the authority and they asked us to go to their office. I and Azali then went to the Conceige and ask a lady incharge to call Pak Guard and to meet us @ my car because i dont even know where is their office. After buat muka kasihan and cakap elok-elok dengan Security we managed to reduce the fine to RM30 - to be devided to 5 of us hokeyyy. Itupun lepas I cakap even dekat mahkamah pun boleh buat rayuan and Azali siap tambah kata ini kesalahan pertama kami. hahahaaa....sekarang rasakan macam mana perasaan bila buat rayuan!

I am wondering, why i always kantoi bila buat salah?I noticed this happened since secondary school lagi. Asal jer i buat salah mesti cepat benar kantoi. That is one of the reasons why i am such a obedience @ school. Moto "Saya yang Menurut Perintah" rupanya telah dipupuk dari dulu lagi. Honestly, every time i buat kerja-kerja nakal ni actually i have the instinct that i am going to kantoi but most of the time i ignored it- like what happened today la kannn. Yelaaa sometimes we really like in hurry, in desparate, under provocation ,in dire need or we left with no choice!

But what ever is the reasons i think now i should trust my instinct...the clue is there and always right. It just whether you want to follow it or ignore it.

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