Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Celebrate only with the finest

Last weekend i had an opportunity to indulge myself with lovely Haagen Dazs CHOCOLATE. It just wonderful to have it with the loves one Biy, yaya and adik after watching Ice Age 3 @ pyramid.

The green one is the sweetest choc eva!

the heavenly look of the fondue and the taste of the FONDUE is so pure and stunning.

The ingredients to the dip:

4 scoops of belgian chocolate aiscream
4 scoops of chocolate chip aiscream
4 scoops of vanilla aiscream
4 scoops of strawberries aiscream

slices of green apples
tempting strawberries
fresh cut on bananas

Chipsmore cookies
chocolate waffles
cubes of butter cake
chocolate rice for garnishing

A bowl of richly dark belgian chocolate for dip...huhhhh it's really can enchant your day!

im enjoying the tastes-my fav would be the butter cake, strawberries, bananas and aiscream.

Close up:

Now lets talk bout the price:

the FONDUE itself cost RM63.90
do not to forget 10% service charge and RM3.50 Govt tax

soooooo.... SUB TOTAL INC TAX is RM73.80


you can do it at home la. You can buy choc fountain in one of the booth@midvalley (lower level i guess) im considering to buy one too heheheeeee.

Will review the taste @ Chocolate Lounge next time.

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